Action Plan

The visioning process was broken into three phases: foundation building, vision development and action development. Throughout each phase the community’s input was essential to moving forward.

  • Foundation Phase – The foundation phase was the assessment of current conditions. What did the community see as the strengths of Madera and what needed attention? Interviews were conducted with a cross-section of community members. Six group discussions and a community forum also were held to solicit community input. From that information the Madera Community Profile was developed to describe current information.

  • Vision Development Phase – In the vision development phase, a list of issues was created. The MVP and community volunteers participated in a workshop to suggest vision ideas for Madera based on these issues. Volunteer drafting committees took the suggested vision ideas and with the community’s feedback, drafted vision statements for each of the four focus areas. The draft Madera Vision Statements were reviewed by the MVP and presented at City Council. Broader community review and comment was solicited through a published survey in the newspaper and at the first Madera Town Hall. The Town Hall event also celebrated the successes of the process to that point.

  • Action Phase –Once the Madera Vision Statements were refined, an action development workshop was held. Community volunteers developed specific ideas to implement the vision statements. Additional volunteers formed drafting committees to review and refine the workshop results into an Action Plan.

The project team worked with entities (Lead Roles) to take responsibility for implementation of actions. The Lead Roles also agree to report annually on their progress. The Plan, with Lead Roles identified, was presented to the public at a fall, 2006 community forum. The Vision Madera 2025 Vision and Action Plan is the result of hundreds of hours of community efforts and is a representation of the city’s values and hopes for the future.

Download Link: Madera 2025 Vision Statement & Action Plan – English (PDF)