The development of the Action Plan began in the summer of 2005, when Madera engaged in a community process to develop a plan to guide the city to a preferred future. This community-wide effort was conducted over a two year period and involved thousands of citizens representing dozens of community interests, including business, environment, neighborhood, social service, healthcare, education, government and many others. The products of this endeavor are Vision Statements which describe Madera in the year 2025 in four focus areas:

  • A Well Planned City
  • A Strong Community and Great Schools
  • Good Job and Economic Opportunity
  • A Safe and Healthy Environment

The end product of the accumulation of the community-wide efforts was the creation and adoption of an Action Plan which identifies the programs and projects necessary to achieve that Vision for our future. The resulting Action Plan lists specific activities that will help move the community in the direction of the Vision. It also assigns these activities to individuals, groups or agencies that will take the lead in shepherding the activities to fruition.

Madera envisions itself as a well planned and attractive City. We see ourselves as a community abundant with good jobs and economic opportunity. We see ourselves as a strong community, with great schools and strong family values. And we see ourselves living in a safe and healthy environment in which we protect our resources and provide healthy educational and recreational opportunities. Please browse our website to see what the community is doing to insure that our Vision becomes a reality. The information you will see reflects our commitment to a bright future and provides a glimpse of the Vision of Tomorrow Today!

-Vision Implementation Committee